Title theft has been reported near your area. You may be already be a victim of title fraud.

Home title theft is identity theft

Home title insurance alone won't protect you.

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FBI Says Home Title Theft is Real. According to the FBI Title and Mortgage Fraud are the fastest growing white collar crimes in America.

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How Thieves Take Your Title

Title fraud happens when someone steals the title or deed of your home and uses it for their personal financial gain.

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A criminal forges a fake deed for your home

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They change your home ownership from you to them

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They take out loans using your house as collateral

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They could even try and sell your home out from under you


Choose Identity Guard and protect yourself from cyberthreats like

Home title theft
Phishing attacks
Credit card fraud
Synthetic identity fraud
Bank account theft
Web-session hijacking
Investment & 401k account fraud
Online tracking

Our Home Title monitoring feature will:

Stop scammers from draining the equity in your home
Alert you to any changes to your deeds
Help protect your biggest investment
Phone with Credit Score
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Why you need Identity Guard

If a thief has enough of your personal information to steal your home title, they have enough of your personal information to commit all types of crimes in your name. Without identity theft protection, they can steal your tax return, damage your credit beyond repair, and have you arrested for crimes that you didn’t commit.

Signing up for Identity Guard today means protection from:

Home title theft
Credit card fraud
Bank account theft
Investment & 401k account fraud
Phishing attacks
Synthetic identity fraud
Mortgage fraud
Online tracking
Criminal identity theft

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Identity Guard has been in business for over 20 years, and during that time we’ve developed award-winning identity theft protection technology that has helped protect more than 47 million people from countless threats to their identities and livelihoods.

We’re proud to offer comprehensive identity monitoring, some of the fastest alert speeds in the industry, and unbeatable US-based customer support.

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